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Fund Name
Donate Abbott Forrester Garn Scholarship Fund
Donate ABC Stewart Endowment Fund
Donate Abigail Carson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate African American Fund of Bartholomew County
Donate A. John & Lois Friend Memorial Fund
Donate Analytical Engineering, Inc. (AEI) Scholarship Fund
Donate Andrew Parker Memorial Scholarship
Donate Andy Critzer Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Ann Ward Fine Arts Scholarship Fund
Donate Architectural Revolving Loan Fund
Donate Atterbury Bakalar Air Museum Fund
Donate Barth/Brown County Medical Society Medical Education Scholarship Fund
Donate Bartholomew County Genealogical Society Endowment Fund
Donate Bartholomew County Historical Society Endowment Fund
Donate Bartholomew County Humane Society
Donate Bartholomew County Organizations Active in Disaster Non-Permanent Fund
Donate Bartholomew County Parks Foundation
Donate Bartholomew County REMC - Alex Barkes Memorial Scholarship
Donate Bartholomew County REMC Scholarship Fund
Donate Bartholomew Reads Endowment Fund
Donate Betty Welch Musical Fund
Donate Big Brothers Big Sisters Endowment Fund
Donate Blake Hanger Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Brown Music Scholarship Fund
Donate Casey Fishe Memorial Scholarship
Donate Cassondra "Soni" Wilson Workforce Development Fund
Donate Centerstone Mental Health Fund
Donate Charles D. Shepherd Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Charles Taylor & Theresa Ann Ross Fund
Donate Children Inc. Learning Center Endowment Fund
Donate Columbus Adult Daycare Endowment Fund
Donate Columbus Area Arts Council Endowment Fund
Donate Columbus Area Arts Council Fund
Donate Columbus Area Bicentennial
Donate Columbus Autism Network Scholarship Fund
Donate Columbus Business and Professional Women's Scholarship
Donate Columbus Chinese School Endowment Fund
Donate Columbus Crush Scholarship Fund
Donate Columbus Downtown Impact Investment Fund
Donate Columbus Emergency Physicians, Inc. Fund
Donate Columbus High School Classes of 1957 and 1958 Endowment Fund
Donate Columbus Indiana Philharmonic Endowment Fund
Donate Columbus Museum of Art & Design
Donate Columbus Park Foundation
Donate Columbus Park Foundation Endowment Fund
Donate Columbus Park Foundation - Jolie Crider Memorial Fund
Donate Columbus Park Foundation - People Trail Project 2012
Donate Columbus Rotary Scholarship Fund in Honor of Judson Erne
Donate Columbus Symphony Orchestra Endowment Fund
Donate Columbus Youth Hockey-Bryan Ritz Memorial Fund
Donate Conditional Payment Fund
Donate COPF
Donate Dan Arnholt AgrIInstitute Endowment Fund
Donate Daniel Altmiller & Elizabeth Altmiller Memorial Scholarship
Donate Dave Galle Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Developmental Services, Inc. (DSI) William K. Hadar Scholarship
Donate Developmental Services Inc. Fund
Donate Dr. Cleve James Francoeur, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Dr. Glenn E. Callaway Dental Scholarship Fund
Donate Duane Barrows Scholarship Fund
Donate EAA Chapter 729 - Columbus, IN
Donate Ecumenical Assembly of Barth. Cty. Churches-Love Chapel Endowment Fund
Donate Edward Jones Investments Scholarship Fund
Donate Family Chiropractic and Wellness Community Fund
Donate Family School Partners Designated Endowment Fund
Donate Family Self-Sufficiency Endowment Fund
Donate Family Self-Sufficiency Fund
Donate Family Service Endowment Fund
Donate First Presbyterian PreK Scholarship Fund
Donate Foundation for Youth Fund
Donate Frank Burbrink Memorial 4-H Scholarship Fund
Donate Fred L. Armstrong Future Leaders Scholarship Fund
Donate Friends of the Children Fund
Donate Ginger & Friends Fund
Donate Goldie Gibson Memorial Endowment Fund
Donate Greg Craft “Workhorse” Memorial Scholarship
Donate Harold H. Heminger Graduate School Scholarship Fund
Donate Hawcreek-Flat Rock Area Endowment Fund
Donate Heritage Fund - Community Fund
Donate Heritage Fund Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Heritage Fund Pass-Through
Donate Hispanic Latino Scholarship Fund
Donate Hope Area Food Bank Endowment Fund
Donate Housing Partnerships, Inc. Community Development Endowment Fund
Donate Indiana Artists Club, INC.
Donate John McLachlan Soccer Scholarship Fund
Donate Julie M. McKinney Memorial Scholarship
Donate Karen Ann Coffman Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund
Donate Keith Bean Medical Scholarship
Donate Kyle Carothers Hunt of a Lifetime Memorial Fund
Donate Landmark Columbus Foundation Endowment Fund
Donate Leadership Bartholomew County Fund
Donate LHP Scholarship Fund
Donate LifeDesigns Fund
Donate Lincoln Central Neighborhood Family Center Endowment Fund
Donate Louis A. and Kathy M. Giovanini Scholarship Fund
Donate Mayor's Government Scholarship Fund
Donate McGuire Fund for Spinal Cord Injury
Donate Mill Race Center, Inc. Endowment Fund
Donate Myron Glick Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate North Star Montessori School Fund
Donate Our Hospice of South Central Indiana Endowment Fund
Donate Patrick Bowman Memorial Music Fund
Donate Philip R. Miller Art Purchase Awards Fund
Donate Philip R. Miller Memorial Scholarship for the Visual Arts
Donate Purdue Alumni Advisory Council Scholarship Fund
Donate Racial Equity
Donate Ray Amlung Memorial Scholarship
Donate Robert J. Sonntag Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Sans Souci, Inc. Fund
Donate Save Our Tower - FFCCA
Donate Sgt. Jonathon Michael Hunter Legacy Scholarship Fund
Donate Sharon Risk Stark Community Impact Fund
Donate Simmons School Fund
Donate Steve Antcliff Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Susan Solomon Scholarship Fund
Donate The Martha Kalb "You GO Girl" Scholarship
Donate The Nala Fund
Donate Thomas H. Sayrs Memorial Scholarship
Donate Turning Point Endowment Fund
Donate United Way of Bartholomew County Endowment Fund
Donate Voelz, Reed , & Mount Foundation
Donate Volunteers in Medicine Fund
Donate Women Helping Women fbo Turning Point Fund
Donate Women's Giving Circle of Bartholomew County Fund